Yike Zhang

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This paper presents an advertising rhetorical analysis and an experimental system for scenario generation using the rhetoric. It is also an application of our narrative generation system combined with conceptual dictionary. The system has two aspects of micro generation, single event generation, and macro generation, the generation of scenario or story that(More)
Vitellogenins (Vtgs), the precursors for the yolk proteins, are very important for the embryonic development of teleosts, and have also been studied extensively as biomarkers for environmental estrogenic mimics. The cDNA for a Vtg was isolated from the liver of the female white cloud mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) by 3′- and 5′-RACE methods. It is(More)
We improve the advertising generation system in previous study by the combination with a comparatively large scale conceptual dictionary and introduce defamiliarization rhetoric using changing constraints. We especially put a focus on single event generation, and also propose an attempt for scenario generation techniques.
Polygalacturonase (PG) is an important hydrolytic enzyme involved in pectin degradation during fruit softening. However, the roles of PG family members in fruit softening remain unclear. We identified 45 PpPG genes in the peach genome which are clustered into six subclasses. PpPGs consist of four to nine exons and three to eight introns, and the exon/intron(More)
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