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Hand gesture has been used as a natural and efficient way in human computer interaction. Due to independence of auxiliary input devices, vision-based hand interfaces is more favorable for users. However, the process of hand gesture recognition is very time consuming, which often brings much frustration to users. In this paper, we propose a fast feature(More)
As an emerging human-computer interaction approachvision based hand interaction is more natural and efficient. Howeverin order to achieve high accuracy, most of the existing hand posture recognition methods need a large number of labeled samples which is expensive or unavailable in practice. In this paper, a co-training based method is proposed to recognize(More)
This paper presents a robust hand gesture analysis method using 3D depth data. Our scheme focuses on accurate hand segmentation by eliminating the negative effect of the forearm part. In the general Human Computer Interaction (HCI) tasks, such an assumption usually holds that the depth of hand is smaller than forearm. Therefore, the precise hand region can(More)
Selective sampling has been widely used in relevance feedback of image retrieval to alleviate the burden of labeling by selecting the most informative instances for user to label. Traditional sample selection scheme often selects a batch of instances each time and label them simultaneously, which ignores the correlation among instances and results in(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel solution of anomaly detection in crowd scene by jointly modeling appearance and dynamics of motion. First, a novel high-frequency feature based on optical flow (HFOF) is introduced. It can well capture the dynamic information of optical flow. Besides, we adopt the other two types of features, namely multi-scale histogram of(More)
Gesture is one of the most natural and expressive ways of communications between human and computer in a real system. We naturally use various gestures to express our own intentions in everyday life. Hand gesture is one of the important methods of non-verbal communication for human beings. Hand gesture recognition based man-machine interface is being(More)
Behavior analysis across multi-cameras becomes more and more popular with the rapid development of camera network in video surveillance. In this paper, we propose a novel unsupervised graph matching framework to associate trajectories across partially overlapping cameras. Firstly, trajectory extraction is based on object extraction and tracking and is(More)