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Pulmonary hypoplasia(PH) commonly occurs in association with oligohydramnios and other congenital anomalies, especially congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Pulmonary hypoplasia is an important factor, as persistent pulmonary hypertension, in the prognosis of CDH. In some reports, there is a decrement of pulmonary surfactant in PH accompanying CDH.(More)
In order to observe the effects of serum albumin and fibrinogen on biophysical surface properties and the morphology of pulmonary surfactant in vitro, we measured the surface adsorption rate, dynamic minimum and maximum surface tension (min-, max-ST) by Pulsating Bubble Surfactometer, and demonstrated ultrastructures on a series of mixtures with varying(More)
Salmonella typhi splenic abscesses are a very rare complication of typhoid fever. Splenectomy is the standard surgical treatment for these lesions. But these days, with improvements in imaging techniques, percutaneous drainage of splenic abscesses has been demonstrated to be one of the alternative treatment in selected cases. We report the case of a 7(More)
BACKGROUND Hip osteoarthritis (OA) is a common musculoskeletal condition affecting older individuals. Clinical balance tests are frequently used to assess standing balance in these people. There is insufficient information regarding the reliability of these tests. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to estimate reliability and measurement error of 4(More)
Collections Tests and Measurements Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis Injuries and Conditions: Hip Balance in the following collection(s): This article, along with others on similar topics, appears E-mail alerts to receive free e-mail alerts here Sign up corrections and replace the original author manuscript. : edited and typeset versions of articles that(More)
For the purpose of prenatal diagnosis of CAH, genetic linkage analysis by HLA genotyping with lymphocytes and cultured amniotic cells were performed in a family at risk in which two consecutive children had been affected with SW CAH. In addition, the response of serum 17-OHP to intravenous ACTH was determined in obligate carrier parents, and 17-OHP(More)
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