Yik Hong Ho

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Colorectal cancer has risen in incidence to become the second commonest form of cancer in Singapore. The primary treatment is surgery but up to 50% of patients still suffer from recurrence of the cancer after surgery. Early identification of recurrence will increase the effectiveness of therapy and the survival of patients. This paper describes the CARES(More)
—This paper describes the background, simulation and experimental evaluation of an anomaly detector for Brushless DC motor winding insulation faults in the context of an aircraft Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) application. Results acquired from an internal Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) study identified turn-to-turn winding faults as the(More)
Bowel injury from radiation given for carcinoma of the cervix is a complex management problem. Prospectively collected computerized data from April 1989 to June 1997 (8 years) were analysed. There were 84 women with a mean age of 60.6 (standard error 1.2) years. Bleeding from radiation proctitis presented much earlier [mean 19.9 (1.9) months after(More)
Traumatic acute arterial subdural hematomas are rare and are associated with a high mortality rate. The authors report a case in which the initial computed tomographic (CT) scan examination failed to reveal a hematoma. Within the subsequent 4 hours, while recovering from anesthesia given so that hemostasis of bleeding soft tissue injuries could be obtained,(More)
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