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Random surface defects occur during the hot bar rolling of steels and are identified either by manual or by automated inspection techniques. Manual inspection techniques are purely based on the process knowledge of the inspector such as the location, type and kind of defects, and the primary sources of these defects. The automated techniques, to identify(More)
This paper studies a queueing model with the finite buffer of capacity K in wireless cellular networks, which has two types of arriving calls—handoff and originating calls, both of which follow the Markov arriving process with different rates. The channel holding times of the two types of calls follow different phase-type distributions. Firstly, the joint(More)
Fabric hand evaluation (FHE) is the main measure in textile material selection for fashion design and development. Fabric hand evaluation requires considering multiple evaluation aspects/criteria by a group of evaluators. Some fabric features can also be measured using instruments. The evaluation often uses linguistic terms in the weights of criteria, and(More)
In this paper, we propose two algorithms for verifying the existence of real solutions of positive-dimensional polynomial systems. The first one is based on the critical point method and the homotopy continuation method. It targets for verifying the existence of real roots on each connected component of an algebraic variety <b>V</b> &#8745;(More)
Fabric selection plays an important role in fashion garment design. Designers often use both physical and normalized linguistic criteria for fabric selection. Perception and preference of consumers in their specific sociocultural context, expressed by fashion themes or emotional linguistic criteria, affect greatly new fashion product design. Modeling the(More)
Considering features of retrial, feedback and impatience in call centers, an M/M/s/k&#x002B;G queue model with retrial, feedback and impatience is proposed in this paper for performance analysis of call centers. The queue model is solved by matrix iteration, and formulas for computing mean number of customers in waiting and service area, probability of(More)