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Neonatal seizures can be refractory to conventional anticonvulsants, and this may in part be due to a developmental increase in expression of the neuronal Na(+)-K(+)-2 Cl(-) cotransporter, NKCC1, and consequent paradoxical excitatory actions of GABAA receptors in the perinatal period. The most common cause of neonatal seizures is hypoxic encephalopathy, and(More)
The recent research has shown that the basic RTS/CTS approach is not efficient in multihop wireless networks. In this paper, we propose a novel medium access control protocol with a separate control channel (MAC-SCC). A distinct feature of MAC-SCC (compared with other multichan-nel MAC protocols) is to use two Network Allocation Vectors (NAVs) for the data(More)
The software industry is urging on universities and colleges to cultivate software engineers who can write high quality programs. Peer code review (PCR) is accepted as an ideal way to maximize the learning outcome of students in writing quality code. Using this learning process, students improve their skills while scientific and efficient management removes(More)
This letter proposes a novel framework to detect common salient objects in a group of images automatically and efficiently. Different from most existing co-saliency models which directly redesign algorithms for multiple images, the saliency model for a single image is fully exploited under the proposed framework to guide the co-saliency detection. Given(More)
Salient object detection is a long-standing problem in computer vision and plays a critical role in understanding the mechanism of human visual attention. In applications that require object-level prior (e.g. image re-targeting), it is desirable that saliency detection highlights holistic objects. Lately over-segmentation techniques such as SLIC superpixel(More)
Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensing camera is able to obtain depth maps at a high frame rate. However, its low resolution and sensitivity to the noise are always a concern. A popular solution is upsampling the obtained noisy low resolution depth map with the guidance of the companion high resolution color image. However, due to the constrains in the existing(More)