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Through short-term exposure (7-d exposure), long-term exposure (16-d exposure) and exposure-recovery (7-d exposure + 9-d recovery), the bioaccumulation and distribution of La and Ce and their effects on growth of wheat seedlings were studied. Addition of La (0.5-25 mg/l) and Ce (0.5-25 mg/l) to the culture medium individually and in combination inhibited(More)
Reductions of carbonyl groups catalyzed by oxidoreductases are involved in all biological processes and are often a class of important biocatalyst. In this article, we report a novel enzyme designated as diketoreductase (DKR) that was able to reduce two carbonyl groups in a diketo ester to corresponding dihydroxy ester with excellent stereoselectivity. The(More)
BACKGROUND Studies to identify preoperative prognostic variables for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor (PNET) have been inconclusive. Specifically, the prevalence and prognostic significance of radiographic calcifications in these tumors remains unclear. METHODS From 1998 to 2009, a total of 110 patients with well-differentiated PNET underwent surgical(More)
Grassroots healthcare institutions (GHIs) are the smallest administrative levels of medical institutions, where most patients access health services. The latest report from the National Bureau of Statistics of China showed that 96.04 % of 950,297 medical institutions in China were at the grassroots level in 2012, including county-level hospitals, township(More)
The recent identification of several additional members of the family of sugar transport facilitators (gene symbol SLC2A, protein symbol GLUT) has created a heterogeneous and, in part, confusing nomenclature. Therefore, this letter provides a summary of the family members and suggests a systematic nomenclature for SLC2A and GLUT symbols.
Low-grade glioma (LGG) patients are typically accompanied by varying degrees of intellectual impairments. However, the neural mechanisms underlying intellectual decline have not yet been well understood. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between possibly altered functional brain network properties and intellectual decline in LGG(More)
BACKGROUND Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) is an autosomal dominant cancer syndrome. Up to 30% of families with HDGC have mutations in the E-cadherin gene, CDH1. The role of prophylactic versus therapeutic gastrectomy for HDGC was studied prospectively. METHODS Eighteen consecutive patients with CDH1 mutations and positive family history were(More)
We review our results for facial nerve preservation in 105 patients with large acoustic neuromas (diameter 4.0 cm or larger) undergoing excision via the suboccipital retrosigmoid approach. Microneurosurgical techniques and facial nerve monitoring were used. Complete tumor removal was achieved in 91 cases (86.7%) and subtotal removal in 14 (13.3%). There(More)
Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest diseases largely due to difficulty in early diagnosis and the lack of effective treatments. KRAS is mutated in more than 90% of pancreatic cancer patients, and oncogenic KRAS contributes to pancreatic cancer tumorigenesis and progression. In this report, using an oncogenic KRASV12-based pancreatic cancer cell model,(More)
A novel ketone derivative of artemisinin, artemisitone-9, was produced by the biotransformation of cultured Streptomyces griseus ATCC 13273. The structure of the ketone product was fully elucidated by various spectroscopic techniques, and the mechanism of generating such novel metabolite is also discussed.