Yijing Wang

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This brief deals with the problem of stability analysis for a class of recurrent neural networks (RNNs) with a time-varying delay in a range. Both delay-independent and delay-dependent conditions are derived. For the former, an augmented Lyapunov functional is constructed and the derivative of the state is retained. Since the obtained criterion realizes the(More)
Plant-microbe interactions are considered to be important processes determining the efficiency of phytoremediation of petroleum pollution, however relatively little is known about how these interactions are influenced by petroleum pollution. In this experimental study using a microcosm approach, we examined how plant ecophysiological traits, soil nutrients(More)
This note deals with the absolute stability of Lur'e control systems with time-varying delay. An augmented Lyapunov functional is introduced to establish some new stability criteria. First, for the nominal system, we develop some new stability conditions, by considering the additional useful terms and introducing some free-weighting matrices. In the proof(More)
This paper addresses the guaranteed cost control for a class of uncertain discrete-time systems with both state and input delays. New linear matrix inequalities (LMI) characterizations are proposed for the existence of a state feedback controller which guarantees not only the asymptotic stability of the closed-loop system, but also an adequate performance(More)