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BACKGROUND Current cell-free DNA assessment of fetal chromosomes does not analyze and report on all chromosomes. Hence, a significant proportion of fetal chromosomal abnormalities are not detectable by current noninvasive methods. Here we report the clinical validation of a novel noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) designed to detect genomewide gains and(More)
Elevated levels of CO2 and temperature can both affect plant growth and development, but the signalling pathways regulating these processes are still obscure. MicroRNAs function to silence gene expression, and environmental stresses can alter their expressions. Here we identify, using the small RNA-sequencing method, microRNAs that change significantly in(More)
AIMS This observational study aimed to investigate the effects of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) blockers on plasma adiponectin in subjects with metabolic syndrome (Mets) and differentiation, adiponectin expression of human omental (OM) and subcutaneous (SC) preadipocytes. METHODS Fifty-three patients with Mets were treated with angiotensin converting(More)
A facile and effective way for the preparation of nano-sized Fe3O4@graphene yolk-shell nanoparticles via a hydrothermal method is developed. Moreover, the targeting properties of the materials for anticancer drug (doxorubicin hydrochloride) delivery are investigated. Excitingly, these hybrid materials possess favorable dispersibility, good(More)
Biocoordination polymer (BCP) nanowires are successfully constructed through self-assembly of chiral cysteine amino acids and Cd cations in solution. The varied chirality of cysteine is explored to demonstrate the difference of BCP nanowires in both morphology and structure. More interestingly and surprisingly, the electrical property measurement reveals(More)
Safe and reliable drinking water is vital to every community. But Water pollution incidents have taken place in China frequently resulting in an enormous economic loss. How to solve the problem becomes a significant issue to scrub the deleterious effects of pollution accidents. So the establishment of response models of water pollution accidents in Wuhan(More)
This paper studies the present state of water and soil loss in the Hubei province. Chinese scholars have analyzed the causes of water and soil loss, and pointed out that both natural factors and human activities are the root causes for these losses. The associated natural factors include the landscape, soil, groundwater and precipitation. Since the climate(More)
To analyze the influence of security incidents on a networked system and accurately evaluate system security, this paper proposes a novel cyber security situation assessment model, based on multi-heterogeneous sensors. By using D-S evidence theory, we fuse security data submitted from multi-sensors, according to the network topology and the importance of(More)
This paper discusses the unique climatic resource in the Xiangxi river valley. The features of the climatic resource in the area can be concluded as follows: 1. It is very warm in winter and frost period is short. 2. According to the sea level elevation, the mountains can be divided into several climatic zones. 3. Precipitation is even around the whole year(More)
Cobalt oxide or hydroxide nanoarchitectures, often synthesized via solvothermal or electrodeposition or templated approaches, have wide technological applications owing to their inherent electrochemical activity and unique magnetic responsive properties. Herein, by revisiting the well-studied aqueous system of Co/NaBH4 at room temperature, the chainlike(More)