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In industry process, though facing the difficulty of modeling, the historical accumulated object datum has not been made best use of. In this paper, a novel identification solution based on the improved E.Coli foraging algorithm (IEFOA) was proposed. IEFOA is presented with three main operators, which include a tumbling operator, a swimming operator and a(More)
This paper adopts an ant colony system (ACS) algorithm to develop the current urban traffic vehicles path routing methods. Aiming at a goal path that both the distance and the time cost are involved into the goal function, the algorithm developed a path routing process based on an inspired heuristics searching that the next times path searching are inducted(More)
The particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm for parameter optimization of PID controller has been proposed. PSO is an evolutionary algorithm, and comprises of a very simple concept. Instead of using traditional analysis algorithm, the parameters of PID controller such as proportional gain, integral factor, differential coefficient are selected and(More)
A simplified E.Coli foraging optimization algorithm based on the chemotactic behaviour of E.Col is presented in this paper in order to solve the parameter estimation of nonlinear system model (NSM). The simplified E.Coli algorithm consists of a tumbling operator and a swimming operator and at the same time the optimal position of individual E.Coli and the(More)
In this paper, a bayesian inferring inverse model was proposed for nonlinear system. The model directly utilizes the nonlinear system running data and obtains the nonlinear inverse relationship by probability inferring formula. In training of the bayesian inferring inverse model, the evolutionary algorithms and sliding window method are adopted to realize(More)
The model identification of the nonlinear system has been concerned by the industrial community all along. The relationship of the nonlinear dynamic system is contained in the data accumulated in the scene. To better utilize the data about the industrial objects, in this article, we put forward the nonlinear system predictor driven by the Bayesian-Gaussian(More)
The rapid development of information and communication technology has been greatly promoting the practice of virtual teams. However, the issues of information sharing between members have always existed, which cause some problems or even conflicts in virtual teams. Those affect the performance of virtual teams fundamentally. To improve the cooperation of(More)
The full revolving floating crane is one of the most key equipment in the large floating ocean engineering ship. With the highly speed development of ocean oil, it was need rapidly. In this paper, the7500T large full revolving floating crane was regarded as the study object, and the field-bus technology T-LINK, MICREX-SX series PLC and Inverter VG7S was(More)
The efficient and effective cooperation among the members of a virtual team is highly dependent on information sharing quality. In practice the accurate evaluation is an important premise to improve information sharing quality. In this paper, ten quality factors of information sharing are introduced, a specific and operational evaluation model is conducted,(More)
Information and communication technology has been greatly contributing to the practice of virtual teams. However, the issues of information sharing might affect the performance of virtual teams fundamentally. To improve the cooperation among virtual team members, information sharing in a virtual team deserves more attention from both researchers and(More)