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Chemotherapy is a traditional therapeutic approach for the treatment of many solid tumors, but the poor solubility and low bioavailability of hydrophobic anti-cancer drugs greatly limit their applications. In this article, DOX-loaded micelles were fabricated based on an amphiphilic graft polymer composed of hydrophilic poly(γ-glutamic acid) (γ-PGA) and(More)
A novel amphiphilic thiolated carboxymethyl chitosan was synthesized. It self-assembled into disulfide bond cross-linked nanoparticles in deionized water. The TEM showed that these nanoparticles had a core-shell structure with an average diameter of 160 nm. Dynamic light scattering showed that the nanoparticles were stable in water solution. The particle(More)
Ras homology GTPase activation protein 6 (Arhgap6), as a member of the rhoGAP family of proteins, performs vital functions on the regulation of actin polymerization at the plasma membrane during several cellular processes. The role of Arhgap6 in the progression and development of cancer remains nearly unknown. This study aimed at exploring the effects of(More)
In this study, amphiphilic biocopolymers, synthesized by mixing azidobenzaldehyde (Az) and an aqueous solution of carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS), which self-assemble into nanocapsules with a aqueous core (ACN) in aqueous media followed by photo-cross-linking to obtain shell cross-linked nanocapsules, were used to develop a controlled release pesticide(More)
Osteomyelitis is a bone infection disease which is caused by bacteria or other germs, and could cause serious impact on the health and working capacity of the patients. Alendronate (ALN) can chelate strongly with the calcium ion of hydroxyapatite (HA) which is commonly used to treat osteoporosis. Nanomedicine has attracted a lot of attention in that the(More)
Though previous studies investigated the association between glutathione S-transferase M 1 (GSTM1) null genotype and ovarian cancer risk, the effect of GSTM1 null genotype on ovarian cancer risk was still unclear. To comprehensively quantify the association between GSTM1 null genotype and ovarian cancer risk, we performed a meta-analysis. Eleven studies(More)
Aminoethyl chitins (AEC) with different amino contents were synthesized from chitin and 2-chlorethylamine hydrochloride, and the AEC hydrogels were prepared by crosslinking with glutaraldehyde. The microstructures, swelling behaviors and antibacterial activities of the hydrogels were investigated. The results of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(More)
In this study, a pH-induced morphological transition from micelles to vesicles for an amphiphilic photo cross-linkable biocopolymer (Az-NaCMCS), synthesized by mixing azidobenzaldehyde (Az) and an aqueous solution of carboxymethyl chitosan sodium salt (NaCMCS), was used for encapsulation of l-arginine deiminase (ADI). The aqueous solution of enzyme-loaded(More)
A series of melphalan-O-carboxymethyl chitosan (Mel-OCM-chitosan) conjugates with different spacers were prepared and structurally characterized. All conjugates showed satisfactory water-solubility (160-217 times of Mel solubility). In vitro drug release behaviors by both chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis were investigated. The prodrugs released Mel rapidly(More)