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Machine learning (ML) techniques are widely used in recent no-reference visual quality assessment (NR-VQA) metrics by training on subjective image quality databases. In these metrics, the optimization function is constructed based on L<sup>2</sup> norm of the distance between subjective image quality and predicted image quality. There are two problems in(More)
In practice, images are distorted by more than one distortion. For image quality assessment (IQA), existing machine learning (ML)-based methods generally establish a unified model for all the distortion types, or each model is trained independently for each distortion type, which is therefore distortion aware. In distortion-aware methods, the common(More)
Imaging spectroscopy over the cm- and dm-wavelength ranges is important for solar physics. A radio heliograph with high temporal, spectral and spatial resolutions has been proposed and we describe briefly the concept for this instrument. Some pre-studies have been carried out which show perspectives of the project.
The Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph (CSRH) with 40 antennas of 4.5 m covering 400 MHz&#x2013;2 GHz (CSRH-I) and 60 antennas of 2 m covering 2&#x2013;15 GHz (CSRH-II) has been supported and is under construction in a radio quiet region in Inner Mongolia of China. The array of CSRH-I has been assembled and is tested now. The array of CSRH-II will be(More)
The Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph (CSRH) is a solar-dedicated interferometric array with a frequency range from 400MHz to 15GHz. There are 40 4.5m antennas with 400MHz to 2GHz, and 60 2m antennas with 2GHz to 15GHz in this telescope. CSRH is under construction at Mingantu station, which is about 400 km away from Beijing in China. Now, CSRH-I, which(More)
The Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph is under construction in Mingantu Observation station of NAOC, and some experiments have been carried out by 5-element system which has been established in May 2010. This paper described overall system of 5-element briefly and showed some data processing results included observations of weather satellite, GPS satellite(More)
The total ionizing radiation effects of several NOR and NAND flash memories under the read only mode are investigated. An X-ray microbeam test was also performed to help detect the radiation susceptibility of different circuits. The error distribution is mapped for the NOR flash memories, featuring significant address related signature. Relevant circuits(More)
Chinese Spectral Radioheliography can generate the images of the Sun with good spatial resolutions. It employs the Aperture Synthesis principle to image the Sun with plentiful solar radio activities. However, due to the limitation of the hardware, specifically the limited number of antennas, the recorded signal is extremely sparse in practice, which results(More)