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With lower latency and higher bandwidth than its predecessor 3G networks, the latest cellular technology 4G LTE has been attracting many new users. However, the interactions among applications, network transport protocol, and the radio layer still remain unexplored. In this work, we conduct an in-depth study of these interactions and their impact on(More)
Today's mobile devices are usually equipped with multiple wireless network interfaces that provide new opportunities for improving application performance. In this paper, we conduct an in-depth study of multipath for mobile settings, focusing on MPTCP, with the goal of developing key insights for evolving the mobile multipath design. First, we conduct to(More)
Energy consumption due to network traffic on mobile devices continues to be a significant concern. We examine a range of excessive energy consumption problems caused by background network traffic through a two-year user study, and also validate these findings through in-lab testing of the most recent versions of major mobile apps. We discover a new energy(More)
Despite the extensive characterization of the growth of cellular network traffic, we observe two important trends not yet thoroughly investigated. First, fueled by the LTE technology and applications involving wearable devices and device-to-device (D2D) communication, device <i>upload</i> traffic is increasingly popular. Second, the multi-tasking and(More)
Multi-hop coverage extension can be utilized as a feasible approach to facilitating uncovered users to get Internet service in public area WLANs. In this paper we introduce a relay-union network (RUN), which refers to a public area WLAN in which users often wander in the same area and have the ability to provide data forwarding services for others. We(More)
In interactive multiview video streaming (IMVS), the viewers can periodically switch viewpoints. If the captured view is not available at the desired viewpoint, virtual views can be rendered from neighboring coded views using view synthesis techniques. Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) is a new standard that allows to adjust the quality of video(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the prevalence and the different risk factors for asthma in children between urban and rural areas in Fuzhou, Fujian province. METHOD The epidemiological survey of asthma in 0-14 years old children was conducted from October 2009 to October 2010 between Fuzhou urban and rural areas in Fujian province. The investigation subjects were(More)
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