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In this paper, based on the existing sample data, give normal and lognormal distribution on group drivers reaction time separately, obtained the majority drivers’ perceived reaction time within 1.5s. Utilize the research results of cognitive psychology, and set up linear model under the hypothesis that the driver’s vision receive external(More)
In the light of the conditions that the results of traditional criticality safety vehicle distance are hardly able to guarantee the safety in the sudden reaction of the current vehicle, through studying the conditions of traditional criticality safety distance, considering the impact of abnormal deceleration of the current vehicle on following vehicle, and(More)
Air fuel ratio is a key index affecting power performance and fuel economy and exhaust emissions of the gasoline engine, whose accurate model is the foundation of accuracy air fuel ratio control. Taking HL495 engine as experimental device, a method of indenting air fuel ratio based on Elman neural network was provided in this paper. Experiment results show(More)
Through researching at the traditional linear model of car-following, the paper have found it sensitivity is a fixed value, but in the actual process of driving a vehicle, Sensitivity of driver changes with stimulation. This paper set up a new vehicle-following model taking into account the different sensitivity. Through simulation analysis, results show(More)
In order to overcome air fuel ratio transmission delay influence on air fuel ratio control accuracy of gasoline engine during transient conditions, a new multi-step predictive model of air fuel ratio based on BP neural network was provided in this paper. Input vectors of neural network multi-step predictive model were determined by the mathematic model of(More)
In order to improve the lateral stability of the vehicles at a high speed, a parameter self-tuning fuzzy PID Control method to control the yaw moment couple with side slip angle of the front wheel is proposed, and a Fuzzy PID controller is designed. Based on Vehicle dynamic model analysis, and by using MATLAB / Simulink software, vehicle’s yaw rate(More)
Set a reasonable value of max-limited speed is an important part of traffic control. On the basis of systematically analyzing the information processing mode of driver and considered the performance differences of different vehicles, each kind of traffic information in work zone is classified and quantified and a calculation method of different(More)
Taking vehicle queue length in urban intersection, traffic flow and signal timing at the present situation as input, the intersection signal timing scheme as output, the minimum network delay as the goal, it constructs a multi - agent traffic signal control system including the execution layer, control layer and decision-making layer. When the queue length(More)