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Crude oil in the pipeline evaporation is one of hidden safety trouble for directly-fired kiln, which maybe be caused by severe flame deflecting. According to redundancy between technology parameters of fiirnace, redundancy select majority strategy was proposed, and used as the inference rule of fiizzy observer, the output of the fuzzy observer was tendency(More)
According to the current problems in long-distance pipeline, such as the inefficient management, long time of data updates and data sharing problems, system for long-distance pipeline information management based on GIS is designed. On the basis of the system research and analysis, the detailed system requirements, system and database design, as well as the(More)
Along with the beer fermentation production's multiple extension, the beer fermented control system increased the multi-bench industry computers and the programmable controllers, thus it set a higher request of real-time data transmission between PLCs and host computers. The article first divides the communication data into three kinds: communication data(More)
  • Yihu Huang
  • 2007 International Conference on Computational…
  • 2007
Oxygen content of flue is key parameter to judge whether furnace is working on optimal state or not. Long time-lag of O2 Concentration and short life of its detection device have been influenced optimization operation of furnace. A novel Elman Neural Network model is proposed for measuring oxygen content of furnace. The model uses a novel category method to(More)
To avoid drilling hole and stealing oil in pipeline, a method of monitoring man made damage in advance is offered based on low frequency vibration signal. The signals come from the complex activities such as welding, hammering and damaging metallic pipe. Spectral analysis and wavelet packet decomposition are used to extract feature information from gathered(More)
There are two problems in searching the shortest path by Dijkstra algorithm. One is that the practical application of the result is not satisfactory because of the fixed weights; the other is that the time complexity is very high because of searching all nodes. So two-function limitation strategy is presented in this paper. One is that the weights are(More)
There are only two variables including vehicle speed and the length of path in existing search algorithms for minimum-time path. The model does not include weather and road environment which impact the travel time. So the practical application of the model is not satisfactory. Important variables are considered in this paper, such as length of path, road(More)
A new case-based teaching mode is put forward in this paper. The new case-based teaching mode is a teaching process that under teacher's guidance, students play the main body to collect information, choose case, analysis and show the case to the teacher and other students. Practice has proved that, compared with the traditional case teaching, this new(More)
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