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Cell death genes are essential for apoptosis and other cellular events, but their nonapoptotic functions are not well understood. The midbody is an important cytokinetic structure required for daughter cell abscission, but its fate after cell division remains elusive in metazoans. In this paper, we show through live-imaging analysis that midbodies generated(More)
Apoptotic cell degradation is a fundamental process for organism development, and impaired clearance causes inflammatory or autoimmune disease. Although autophagy genes were reported to be essential for exposing the engulfment signal on apoptotic cells, their roles in phagocytes for apoptotic cell removal are not well understood. In this paper, we develop(More)
Directional cell migration is a fundamental process in neural development. In Caenorhabditis elegans, Q neuroblasts on the left (QL) and right (QR) sides of the animal generate cells that migrate in opposite directions along the anteroposterior body axis. The homeobox (Hox) gene lin-39 promotes the anterior migration of QR descendants (QR.x), whereas the(More)
Postembryonic development is an important process of organismal maturation after embryonic growth. Despite key progress in recent years in understanding embryonic development via fluorescence time-lapse microscopy, comparatively less live-cell imaging of postembryonic development has been done. Here we describe a protocol to image larval development in the(More)
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