Yihong Song

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In this paper, we investigate periodic solutions of linear and nonlinear discrete Volterra equations of convolution or non-convolution type with unbounded memory. For linear discrete Volterra equations of convolution type, we establish Fredholm’s alternative theorem and for equations of non-convolution type, and we prove that a unique periodic solution(More)
Network Virtualization offers to Physical Infrastructure Provider (PIP) the possibility to smoothly roll out multiple isolated networks on top of his infrastructure. A major challenge in this respect is the embedding problem which deals with the mapping of Virtual Networks (VNs) resources on PIP network. In literature, a number of research proposals have(More)
In this paper we discuss the existence of periodic solutions of discrete (and discretized) non-linear Volterra equations with finite memory. The literature contains a number of results on periodic solutions of non-linear Volterra integral equations with finite memory, of a type that arises in biomathematics. The “summation” equations studied here can arise(More)
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