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This paper proposes a system for finding a user’s interests on the Internet. It is based on his browsing behaviors and the contents of his visited pages. The system has two features. One is building user’s browsing interests implicitly, multiple keyword vectors, one per interest. The other is that it can generate interests by selecting different(More)
—Modeling user interests plays an important role in personalized service on the Internet. Many systems use classification methods to construct the user profile to represent user interests. However, it is difficult to cover all individual interests and capture the changes of user profiles. This paper introduces a method with two steps to solve the problem.(More)
This article presents a Bayesian track-before-detect (TBD) method based on Gaussian message passing to detect and track a target in the low SNR scene. Removing the threshold brings great computation demanding to TBD methods. Because of the distributive law and computation consistency, message passing can reduce the calculation load efficiently. Also, as a(More)
This paper introduces a dynamic multiple digital watermarking model based on a formal characterization of time-series in terms of temporal logic. The security analysis shows that the proposed method of mapping multiple watermarks into a single one overcomes the problem of volume limitation and overlapping of multiple watermarks in a(More)
In this paper, we analyze the operating principle of LEACH protocol and present an improved algorithm LRDA (LEACH Region Divided Algorithm) proposed for large-scale wireless sensor networks. The main idea is dividing network into different sizes of areas according to the theorems of optimal number of hops and the minimum energy consumption in ideal(More)
In this paper, the operating principle of SEP in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is analyzed, and a multi-hop routing scheme (MH-SEP) is proposed based on different spatial density of nodes. The network is to be divided into different sizes of areas according to the multi-hop routing scheme, the cluster heads use multi-hop mode of communication to send(More)
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