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Applying fuzzy theory into hierarchical clustering method, we presented a fuzzy hierarchical clustering algorithm. After datasets were divided into several sub-clusters using partitioning method, a fuzzy graph of sub-clusters was constructed by analyzing the linked fuzzy degree among the sub-clusters. By making /spl lambda/ cut graph for the fuzzy graph, we(More)
Although FP-growth method is efficient and scalable for mining both long and short frequent patterns, and is about an order of magnitude faster than the apriori algorithm, it is unrealistic to construct memory-based FP-tree when dataset is huge, because the FP-tree is too great to be held in memory entirely. In this study, we propose a novel method named(More)
  • Yihong Dong
  • 2010
In traditional task-driven methodology the tasks devised by the teachers are the same for every student. However, because of different ability of professional competencies of the students, some students with strong professional qualities will achieve the tasks perfectly, while others with poor professional abilities are at a loss what to do. In this paper,(More)
Mining correlation over steams attracts a lot of attentions recently. However, group correlation analysis over data streams is relatively few. Moreover, existing literatures are mainly focused on a single time window, with large space and time complexity. This paper proposes an online canonical correlation analysis algorithm called MGDS (Mining Group Data(More)
Currently, all the existing studies with good privacy guarantees focus on a single privacy level. Namely, a certain degree of privacy protection is implemented on all anonymized data released. However, this is not consistent with the actual scene that the different roles have different levels of privacy. From this point of view, this paper proposed a(More)
In this paper, an efficient algorithm U-CPSQ is used to handle continuous probabilistic skyline queries. The main idea is as following: Firstly, according to the new probabilistic dominance relation defined in this paper, it is possible for us to compute the skyline probability for any points and get the initial p-skyline. Secondly, two types of events(More)
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