Yiheng Chen

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SOM and k-means are two classical methods for text clustering. In this paper some experiments have been done to compare their performances. The sample data used is 420 articles which come from different topics. K-means method is simple and easy to implement; the structure of SOM is relatively complex, but the clustering results are more visual and easy to(More)
User generated content on social media has attracted much attention from service/product providers, as it contains plenty of potential commercial opportunities. However, previous work mainly focuses on user consumption intention (CI) identification, and little effort has been spent to mine intention-related products. In this paper, focusing on the Baby &(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether unilateral pedicle screw fixation is comparable with unilateral pedicle screw and contralateral percutaneous transfacet screw fixation in single-level lumbar spinal fusion. METHODS Fifty-eight patients were divided into either unilateral (n = 32) or unilateral pedicle screw and contralateral percutaneous transfacet screw(More)
Product aspect recognition is a key task in fine-grained opinion mining. Current methods primarily focus on the extraction of aspects from the product reviews. However, it is also important to cluster synonymous extracted aspects into the same category. In this paper, we focus on the problem of product aspect clustering. The primary challenge is to properly(More)
Today, the cloud computing paradigm enables multiple virtualized services to co-exist on the same physical machine and share the same physical resources, hardware, as well as energy consumption expenses. To allow cloud customers migrate their services on to the cloud side, the Infrastructure Provider (InP) or cloud data centre operator provisions to its(More)
Despite many studies conducted to validate the self-reported pain of vulnerable patients, it is unclear at what level of cognitive impairment individuals still can provide reliable information. The aims of this study were to examine the reliability and validity of self-reported pain by degree of patients' cognitive function and to determine important(More)