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—Effective debugging is crucial to producing dependable software. Manual debugging is becoming prohibitively expensive, especially due to the growing size and complexity of programs. Given that fault localization is one of the most expensive activities in program debugging, there has been a great demand for fault localization techniques that can help guide(More)
Software fault localization is one of the (if not the) most expensive, tedious and time consuming activities in program debugging. Therefore, there is a high demand for automatic fault localization techniques that can guide programmers to the locations of faults, with minimal human intervention. This demand has led to the proposal and development of various(More)
Increased expression of αv integrins is frequently associated with tumor cell adhesion, migration, invasion and metastasis, and correlates with poor prognosis in breast cancer. However, the mechanism by which αv integrins can enhance breast cancer progression is still largely unclear. The effects of therapeutic targeting of αv integrins in breast cancer(More)
The growth and development of plants under drought stress depends mainly on the expression levels of various genes and modification of proteins. To clarify the molecular mechanism of drought-tolerance of plants, suppression subtractive hybridisation cDNA libraries were screened to identify drought-stress-responsive unigenes in Grimmia pilifera, and a novel(More)
Although radiotherapy following mastectomy was demonstrated to reduce the recurring risk and improve the prognosis of patients with breast cancer, it is also notorious for comprehensive side effects, hence only a selected group of patients can benefit. Therefore, the screening of molecular markers capable of predicting the efficacy of radiotherapy is(More)
Reception of and response to exogenous and endogenous osmotic changes is important to sustain plant growth and development, as well as reproductive formation. Hyperosmolality-gated calcium-permeable channels (OSCA) were first characterised as an osmosensor in Arabidopsis and are involved in the perception of extracellular changes to trigger(More)
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