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The modern society increasingly relies on electrical service, which also brings risks of catastrophic consequences, e.g., large-scale blackouts. In the current literature, researchers reveal the vulnerability of power grids under the assumption that substations/transmission lines are removed or attacked synchronously. In reality, however, it is highly(More)
Security issues related to power grid networks have attracted the attention of researchers in many fields. Recently, a new network model that combines complex network theories with power flow models was proposed. This model, referred to as the extended model, is suitable for investigating vulnerabilities in power grid networks. In this paper, we study(More)
The vulnerability analysis is vital for safely running power grids. The simultaneous attack, which applies multiple failures simultaneously, does not consider the time domain in applying failures, and is limited to find unknown vulnerabilities of power grid networks. In this paper, we discover a new attack scenario, called the sequential attack, in which(More)
Power grids are often run near the operational limits because of increasing electricity demand, where even small disturbances could possibly trigger major blackouts. The attacks are the potential threats to trigger large-scale cascading failures in the power grid. In particular, the attacks mean to make substations/transmission lines lose functionality by(More)
Security issues in complex systems such as power grid, communication network, Internet, among others have attracted wide attention from academic, government and industry. In this paper, we investigate the vulnerabilities of power grid under a topology-based network model in the context of cascading failures caused by physical attacks against substations and(More)
Electric grid is one of the largest interconnected networks on the earth, and is vital to the operation of modern society. Within recent decades, the occurrence of several large scale power blackouts raised many concerns from different aspects. For example, the most recent India power blackout in July 2012 affected 620 Million people. Investigating the(More)