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Activation and characterization of a cryptic gene cluster reveals a cyclization cascade for polycyclic tetramate macrolactams† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: The experimental
We report the activation of a PTM gene cluster in marine-derived Streptomyces pactum, leading to the discovery of six new PTMs, the pactamides A-F.
A new uridine derivative and a new indole derivative from the coral-associated actinomycete Pseudonocardia sp. SCSIO 11457
Abstract A new uridine derivative 11457 A (1), and a new indole derivative 11457B (2), together with a known compound 1H-indole-2-carbaldehyde (3), were characterized from the fermentation broth ofExpand
Characterization of the flavoenzyme XiaK as an N-hydroxylase and implications in indolosesquiterpene diversification† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: The experimental
Flavoenzymes are ubiquitous in biological systems and catalyze a diverse range of chemical transformations.
Characterizing Two Cytochrome P450s in Tiacumicin Biosynthesis Reveals Reaction Timing for Tailoring Modifications.
Functions of the tailoring enzymes for the biosynthesis of tiacumicin B (1) have been previously determined. However, the reaction timing remains elusive. Herein, we report the in vitro biochemicalExpand
Discovery and Biosynthesis of Neoenterocins Indicate a Skeleton Rearrangement of Enterocin.
Two polyketides neoenterocins A (1) and B (2), featuring a neighboring dicarbonyl motif and a furan-containing 5/6 ring system, were isolated from the enterocin producer Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 11863.Expand
S-Bridged Thioether and Structure-Diversified Angucyclinone Derivatives from the South China Sea-Derived Micromonospora echinospora SCSIO 04089.
Angucyclinces belong to the class of aromatic polyketides and display a wide variety of structure diversity and pharmaceutical significance. Herein we report the isolation, structure elucidation, andExpand
Proximicins F and G and Diproximicin A: Aminofurans from the Marine-Derived Verrucosispora sp. SCSIO 40062 by Overexpression of PPtase Genes.
Overexpression of phosphopantetheinyl transferase (PPtase)-encoding genes sfp and svp in the marine-derived Verrucosispora sp. SCSIO 40062 led to the production of two new aminofuran monomers,Expand
XiaK as an N-hydroxylase and implications in indolosesquiterpene diversi fi cation †
CAS Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Bi Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica, So Chinese Academy of Sciences, 164 West Xi E-mail: czhang2006@gmail.com; czhang@s Institute of Marine Natural Products,Expand
A new xanthostatin analogue from the marine sponge-associated actinomycete Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 40064.
A new cyclo-heptadepsipeptide xanthostatin B (1), together with isobutyryl hexapeptide (2), xanthostatin (3), TXS-1 (4) and TXS-2 (5), were isolated from the marine sponge derived Streptomyces sp.Expand
Mutation of an atypical oxirane oxyanion hole improves regioselectivity of the α/β-fold epoxide hydrolase Alp1U.
Epoxide hydrolases (EHs) have been characterized and engineered as biocatalysts that convert epoxides to valuable chiral vicinal diol precursors of drugs and bioactive compounds. Nonetheless, theExpand