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Chronically monitoring cerebral activities in awake and freely moving status is very important in physiological and pathological studies. We present a novel standalone micro-imager for monitoring the cerebral blood flow (CBF) and total hemoglobin (HbT) activities in freely moving animals using the laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) and optical intrinsic(More)
As a powerful tool for imaging blood flow, laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) has been already applied in clinical diagnosis and pre-clinical researches. In LSCI, the contrast image provides the two-dimensional blood flow distribution information with penetration depth less than 500 μm. Over the past decade, spatial, temporal and spatiotemporal(More)
This paper introduces a notion of a random threshold directed graph, extending the work of Reilly and Scheinerman in the undirected case and closely related to random Ferrers digraphs. We begin by presenting the main definition: D is a threshold digraph provided we can find a pair of weighting functions f, g : V (D) → R such that for distinct v, w ∈ V (D)(More)
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