Yigit Mahmutoglu

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This research is focused on the effect of the most important environmental conditions (temperature, salinity and wind speed) and distance between transmitter and receiver for the underwater acoustic communication (UWAC) system. These conditions may change the characteristics of the communication channel and need to be taken into account during(More)
Electromagnetic pollution caused by mobile communication devices, a new form of environmental pollution, has been one of the most concerning problems to date. Consequences of long-term exposure to the electromagnetic radiation caused by cell phone towers are still unknown and can potentially be a new health hazard. It is important to measure, analyze and(More)
In this paper, we proposed particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm based adaptive decision feedback equalizer (DFE) for underwater acoustic communication (UWAC). In the literature, although ocean ambient noise is generally modeled as pink Gaussian noise, there is also site-specific ocean noise which can be modeled as pink Laplace noise. In this study we(More)
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