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Molecular systematics and remodelling of Chirita and associated genera (Gesneriaceae)
The polyphyletic genus Chirita is remodelled after an extensive molecular phylogenetic study of species assigned to it and to other associated genera. Most of Chirita sect. Chirita and the monotypicExpand
A new delineation for Oreocharis incorporating an additional ten genera of Chinese Gesneriaceae
Based on molecular data and a morphological evaluation, evidence is provided that the species of eleven, mostly small-sized and monotypic genera of Chinese Gesneriaceae (Ancylostemon, Bournea,Expand
A new definition of the genus Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae)
Based on molecular studies, the small Chinese genus Petrocodon (two species and one variety) has been recently enlarged to include the monotypic genera Calcareoboea, Paralagarosolen and Tengia. It isExpand
A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the advanced Asiatic and Malesian didymocarpoid Gesneriaceae with focus on non-monophyletic and monotypic genera
Based on a considerably enlarged sampling, a phylogenetic analysis of the largest group of didymocarpoid Gesneriaceae, the “advanced Asiatic and Malesian genera”, was performed, covering all but 3 ofExpand
Oreocharis caobangensis (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Cao Bang Province, northern Vietnam
A new species of Oreocharis (Gesneriaceae) from Cao Bang province, northern Vietnam is described and illustrated. The new species, Oreocharis caobangensis , is most similar to O. lungshengensis , butExpand
Inclusion of Metabriggsia into Hemiboea (Gesneriaceae)
Based on molecular data and morphology, Metabriggsia is reduced to synonymy with Hemiboea and its two species transferred to that genus.
Discovery of a diverse cave flora in China
Few studies document plants in caves. Our field observations of a widespread and seemingly angiosperm-rich cave flora in SW China lead us to test the following hypotheses, 1) SW China caves contain aExpand
Molecular phylogeny and morphology of Elatostema s.l. (Urticaceae): Implications for inter- and infrageneric classifications.
Elatostema s.s. (Urticaceae) comprises approximately 500 species of herbs and subshrubs distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia, Australasia, and Africa. The delimitation of Elatostema s.s. andExpand
Oreocharis × heterandra (Gesneriaceae): a natural hybrid from the Shengtangshan Mountains, Guangxi, China
Macro- and micro-morphological characters, molecular nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer and chloroplast trn L-F intron-spacer data confirmed the hybrid status of Oreocharis × heterandra .Expand
Elatostema tiechangense (Urticaceae), a new cave-dwelling species from Yunnan, China
Elatostema tiechangense L.F. Fu, Y.G. Wei & A.K. Monro, a new cave-dwelling species from Yunnan, China is described and illustrated. E. tiechangense is most similar to E. quinquecostatum and E.Expand