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Because of the multiplicity of operation phases in batch process, which have specific control objects, different dominant process variables and distinct process correlation characteristics, the faults may also have phase characteristic. To conduct fault diagnosis for batch process more precisely, this paper proposes a fault detection and diagnosis method(More)
Computed tomography (CT) technology has been extensively studied for years and has a very important application in the field of explosives detection on airport passengers. Normally, incomplete projection data are acquired and the iterative approach has a major potential to achieve a superior performance in handling this kind of data. Aiming at(More)
Computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction algorithms via graphic processing unit (GPU) have recently attracted much public attention. These methods often adopt cached texture memory to reduce GPU's high memory latency. However, these texture-based methods still have low efficiency because of their low cache hit rates. By studying threads' execution(More)
Forward-projection is an important process of computed tomography reconstruction. An accurate forward-projection has a significant impact on increasing the reconstructed quality of iterative algorithms. However its computations are very costly. In order to improve performance of forward-projection, we proposed a GPU-accelerated scheme for it with a new(More)
Due to the disadvantageous effects of rain and snow on image processing, this paper proposed a new removal algorithm of rain and snow based on fuzzy connectedness. Since the distribution of rain and snow was scattered in the image, a single seed point could not recognize all the rain and snow regions. Therefore, according to the impact of rain and snow on(More)
In order to get the accurate local transformation of images to be registered quickly, a new elastic registration method based on the free-form deformation is proposed. This method adopts the coarse-to-fine strategy: initially estimates the global nonlinear transformation, and then determines the regions with local deformation on the basis of the matching(More)
Maintenance card is the key to aircraft maintenance. The article designs a network implementation scheme of electronic aircraft maintenance card according to the research of electronic maintenance card, presenting definite network topology and describing in great detail. At last, data synchronization, system security as well as access control is discussed(More)
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