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Phylogeography of Quercus glauca (Fagaceae), a dominant tree of East Asian subtropical evergreen forests, based on three chloroplast DNA interspace sequences
Haplotype spatial distribution, ENM, mismatch distribution, and neutrality tests suggest that Q. glauca in Southeast China experiences expansion, and the current distribution in region III might be shaped by southward expansion from regions I and II after last glacial maximum (LGM). Expand
Sediment-Water Interactions in Anoxic Freshwater Sediments: Mobility of Heavy Metals and Nutrients
Early diagenesis methods and materials location of the study area results and discussion early diagenesis in the sediments of the Neckar River and its tributaries distribution of heavy metals betweenExpand
Conservation genetics of rare trees restricted to subtropical montane cloud forests in southern China: a case study from Quercus arbutifolia (Fagaceae)
Because of the high between-population genetic differentiation and high within- Population genetic diversity of Q. arbutifolia, conservation efforts should be implemented for all populations, but if conservation resources are limited, populations DM, YZ and ZZ should have priority. Expand
Leaf epidermal features of Quercus Group Ilex (Fagaceae) and their application to species identification
The leaf epidermal features show a highly convergent pattern in the genus Quercus based on tree-mapping analysis, except for the multipleEpidermal layers on the adaxial surface supports the monophyletic origin of section Heterobalanus. Expand
De novo transcriptome assembly and development of SSR markers of oaks Quercus austrocochinchinensis and Q. kerrii (Fagaceae)
This study provides a set of useful SSR markers and can enable further functional and comparative genomic research on the Quercus subgenus Cyclobalanopsis. Expand
Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and trace metals in anoxic freshwater sediments of the Neckar River, Germany
Pore-water components (SO42-, Fe2+, Mn2+), including nutrients (NH4+:, NO3-, PO43-), alkalinity and pH were determined at three sites in the Neckar River. Sequential extraction procedures and traceExpand
Partitioning soil respiration in two typical forests in semi-arid regions, North China
Abstract This investigation examines the contributions of autotrophic respiration (R A ) and heterotrophic respiration (R H ) to total soil respiration (R T ) in two typical forests ( ArmeniacaExpand
Slope aspect and slope position have effects on plant diversity and spatial distribution in the hilly region of Mount Taihang, North China
In order to investigate the species diversity and spatial distribution of vegetation as affected by slope aspect and slope position in the hilly region of Mount Taihang, North China,Expand
Shoot Organogenesis and Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explants of Lysionotus serratus D. Don
An efficient propagation and regeneration system via direct shoot organogenesis from leaf explant was established in this study and it was indicated that adventitious shoot regeneration on the medium containing 0.5 mg L−1 BA alone occurred directly from leaf epidermal cells without callus formation. Expand