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When attempting to assess the extent and the implications of environmental pollution, it is often essential to quantify not only the total concentration of the studied contaminant but also its bioavailable fraction: higher bioavailability, often correlated with increased mobility, signifies enhanced risk but may also facilitate bioremediation. Genetically(More)
Given the observed differences in the Pb isotopic composition of Mn crusts and nodules from different ocean basins (18), the residence time must be less than the ϳ10 3-year mixing time of the oceans [ W. but in the central Pacific may be sufficiently long to mix and integrate differing inputs from incoming water masses and the basin margins. Studies of 210(More)
In the deepest section of a large complex cave in the northern Negev desert, Israel, a bi-conical lead object was found logged onto a wooden shaft. Associated material remains and radiocarbon dating of the shaft place the object within the Late Chalcolithic period, at the late 5th millennium BCE. Based on chemical and lead isotope analysis, we show that(More)
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