Yiftah Shahar

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20 task definition or to strengthen the competence of a problem-solving method by increasing its demands on domain knowledge (see Benjamins et al., 1996, for details). Making these assumptions explicit has several advantages (see Fensel & Straatman, 1996): 1) They can be used to prove properties of a specification. The formal specification of a method, with(More)
High performance computing (HPC) has begun scaling beyond the Petaflop range towards the Exaflop (1000 Petaflops) mark. One of the major concerns throughout the development toward such performance capability is scalability—both at the system level and the application layer. In this paper we present a novel approach for a new design concept—the co-design(More)
concepts resulting in a conceptual schema description. When compared to the different models of MIKE, an object flow diagram corresponds to the structure model, a conceptual schema to the KARL model of expertise. However, a major difference between both approaches is the notion of generic layers as well as the clear separation of data and control flow(More)
worries that (1) methods specified for one problem type can be applied to other problems (requiring some renaming) and (2) not only the methods that are provided for a problem class in the library can be applied to it. During the paper we used simple examples to make the paper easy to understand. The simple examples allowed us to present most of the details(More)
— This paper presents Unified Communication X (UCX), a set of network APIs and their implementations for high throughput computing. UCX comes from the combined efforts of national laboratories, industry, and academia to design and implement a high-performing and highly-scalable network stack for next generation applications and systems. UCX design provides(More)
11 their results and applying them for annotating software components (i.e., PSMs) that provide not only information but inference power. Our adapters deal with two types of mappings: mapping domain knowledge on generic problem definitions and mapping problem definitions on PSM-specific terms. The importance of these mappings lead us to introduce this new(More)
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