Yifeng Zhao

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In this paper, we study the anti-jamming power control problem of secondary users (SUs) in a large-scale cooperative cognitive radio network attacked by a smart jammer with the capability to sense the ongoing transmission power. The interactions between cooperative SUs and a jammer are investigated with game theory. We derive the Stackelberg equilibrium of(More)
Active authentication of mobile devices such as smartphones and ipads is promising to enhance security to access confidential data or systems. In this paper, we propose an active authentication scheme, which exploits the physical-layer properties of ambient radio signals to identify mobile devices in indoor environments. More specifically, we discriminate(More)
In long term evolution (LTE) network, the inhomogeneity of traffic distribution results in local network congestion and waste of resource. Mobility load balancing (MLB) is introduced to solve the problem and improve the efficiency of resource utilization. But application of MLB and the mobility robustness optimization (MRO) of systems are bound to influence(More)
This paper presents an anti-interference method of massive multi-input multi-output (Massive MIMO) based on antenna selection. Assume that both the base station (BS) and mobile station (MS) can acquire real-time channel state information (CSI), the transmitter and receiver select a set of antennas to transmit signals according to the optimization criterion(More)
Medical electronic endoscope has a wide range of applications in medical diagnostic. Most of the traditional medical electronic endoscopes are wired endoscopes which are unavailable in many circumstances. Considering the weaknesses of the traditional video endoscope and combining with its future development trend, we design and implement the wired/wireless(More)
The existing radio access network system is static and rigid which could not satisfy the communication requirements of the modern society - flexibility, mobility and intelligence. This paper studies the problems of virtualized resource allocation with multi-objective mapping in heterogeneous radio access network. First, a mathematical model of the(More)
Though a lot of video quality assessment (VQA) models have been researched, most of them are lack of a recognized video quality assessment database, especially for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoded video transmit on Long Term Evolution (LTE) system. On the one hand, HEVC video coding technology is rapidly growing in popularity, thus, it needs to(More)