Yifeng Qin

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The underground-mining environment can affect radio-signal propagation in various ways. Understanding these effects is especially critical in evaluating communications systems used during normal mining operations and during mine emergencies. One of these types of communications systems relies on medium-frequency (MF) radio frequencies. This paper presents(More)
A rectenna design is introduced which is capable of effectively operating over a broad input power level at 915 MHz. Silicon Schottky diodes with low forward voltage and low zero-bias junction capacitance are applied to construct a bridge-rectifier. A novel non-linear adaptive load, of which the equivalent impedance changes when the input power varies, is(More)
An efficient low-frequency coupling model from a circular loop antenna to a twin-lead transmission line (TL) is presented. The current distributions are predicted for various TL terminations and compared with a commercially available moment method solver, resulting in excellent agreement. The accuracy and computation speed of the proposed model are also(More)
Reduction of the crosstalk between adjacent photonic components has been regarded as one of the most effective, yet most challenging approaches for increasing the packing density of photonic integrated circuits. Recently, extensive efforts have been devoted to this field, leading to a number of elaborate designs, such as waveguide supperlattice and(More)
A low-frequency coupling model from a small circular loop antenna to a multi-conductor transmission line (TL) system composed of N perfect electric conductor (PEC) wires above a PEC ground is presented. The telegrapher's equations for the model are presented, and a computationally efficient analytical solution for the induced current distributions is(More)
A low-frequency coupling model from a small circular loop antenna to a transmission line (TL) composed of a single perfect electrical conductor (PEC) wire above a lossy half-space is presented. Instead of using Sommerfeld integrals, a discrete complex images method (CIM) is utilized to calculate the electromagnetic fields produced by a horizontal magnetic(More)
This paper proposes a new type of dual-band patch antenna that employs a metamaterial transmission line and two coupled microstrip lines. An equivalent circuit model is presented and analyzed by using multi-conductor transmission line theory. An open ended design is presented for which the radiation pattern of the antenna is omnidirectional/unidirectional(More)
Astroviruses (AstVs) have been reported to infect and cause gastroenteritis in most animal species. Human AstVs were regarded the causative agent of viral diarrhea in children. In dogs, little is known about the epidemiology and clinical significance of AstV infection. In this study, we collected and tested 253 rectal swabs from pet dogs; of which 64(More)
A low-frequency coupling model consisting of a multi-conductor transmission line (TL) system and a small circular loop antenna is presented. The TL system is composed of N perfect electrical conductor (PEC) wires above a lossy ground. An approximate and computationally efficient analytical method is proposed to predict the current distribution on each wire.(More)
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