Yifeng Luo

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The reduction of hippocampal volume remains controversial in depression because of the variability among individuals in clinical studies. Here, a reliable experimental rat model of depression, established by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS), was used. Thirty rats were randomly divided into two groups (CUMS group and control group). Hippocampal(More)
Spatial-keyword queries on road networks are receiving increasing attention with the prominence of location-based services. There is a growing need to handle queries on road networks in distributed environments because a large network is typically distributed over multiple machines and it will improve query throughput. However, all the existing work on(More)
Query (e.g., shortest path) on road networks has been extensively studied. Although most of the existing query processing approaches are designed for centralized environments, there is a growing need to handle queries on road networks in distributed environments due to the increasing query workload and the challenge of querying large networks. In this(More)
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is important in regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis in both normal and cancerous cells, and may be important in cancer progression and metastasis. In human non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the underlying mechanisms responsible for MIF-dependent regulation of cellular proliferation, and cell death(More)
The IP SANs have gained widespread applications for their low deployment cost, but the performance of IP SANs is an issue that people have long been concerned about. Caching data on fast devices will improve the overall performance of an IP SAN system. This paper presents a cache system which is hosted on the iSCSI target. The system uses the DRAM memory on(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Current guidelines recommend parapneumonic effusions (PPEs) with a thickness of ≥ 10 mm be sampled via thoracentesis. We hypothesized that anteroposterior (AP) CXRs are not as sensitive as posteroanterior (PA) and lateral radiographs in identifying PPEs and should not be routinely used in patients with suspected pneumonia. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Limbic structural changes have been found in people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the results were controversial, and no study has examined the hippocampal and amygdala volume changes in parents with or without PTSD who had lost their only child and could no longer conceive in China. METHODS Hippocampal and amygdala(More)
Dual-modality imaging probes synergistically combine magnetic resonance (MR) and fluorescence into a single nanocomposite. This promising technique affords a new level of flexibility for molecular imaging uses in biomedical research. In this study, we report a new strategy for the synthesis of a novel attapulgite nanorod-based atta@Fe3O4@[Ru(bpy)2(fmp)]Cl2(More)