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* The author is very grateful for Prof. Yanjing Wang's effort to provide much needed comments under his busy schedule. As this is still a draft, many things in the tableau part are yet unexplained and the author begs the pardon of all readers. Abstract Standard epistemic logic studies propositional knowledge, yet many other types of knowledge such as "(More)
Epistemic logic with non-standard knowledge operators, especially the “knowing-value” operator, has recently gathered much attention. With the “knowing-value” operator, we can express knowledge of individual variables, but not of the relations between them in general. In this paper, we propose a new operator Kf to express knowledge of the functional(More)
This paper mainly deals with the development and computer control for heat load system with rapid response and large heat flux. Firstly, the structure and working principle of the IGBT based heat load system are analyzed, and the design method for major parts is discussed. Secondly, a mathematical model to describe the dynamic characteristics is(More)
A significant amount of attention has been focused on the methods of high heat flux removal due to the advancing requirements of the electronics industry. Water spray cooling is one of the best candidates for these thermal control problems. A new heater designed to simulate the high heat flux was briefly presented. The heating part of the heater was(More)
In this paper, an intelligent dimming LED nightlight is introduced, it can simulate moonlight and automatically adjust its own brightness according to environment light intensity. Photosensitive resistor module detects external light. Then, the detected intensity converts to a digital value through an AD converter module. This digital value is inputted to a(More)
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