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WebView is an essential component in both Android and iOS platforms, enabling smartphone and tablet apps to embed a simple but powerful browser inside them. To achieve a better interaction between apps and their embedded "browsers", WebView provides a number of APIs, allowing code in apps to invoke and be invoked by the JavaScript code within the web pages,(More)
In Android applications, third-party components may bring potential security problems, because they have the same privilege as the applications but cannot be fully trusted. It is desirable if their privileges can be restricted. To minimize the privilege of the third-party components, we develop Compac to achieve a fine-grained access control at(More)
Natural polysaccharides, due to their outstanding merits, have received more and more attention in the field of drug delivery systems. In particular, polysaccharides seem to be the most promising materials in the preparation of nanometeric carriers. This review relates to the newest developments in the preparation of polysaccharides-based nanoparticles. In(More)
Protein methylation is one type of reversible post-translational modifications (PTMs), which plays vital roles in many cellular processes such as transcription activity, DNA repair. Experimental identification of methylation sites on proteins without prior knowledge is costly and time-consuming. In silico prediction of methylation sites might not only(More)
The yeast regulatory protein kinase, general control non-derepressible-2 (GCN2) plays a key role in general amino acid control. GCN2 phosphorylates the alpha subunit of the trimeric eukaryotic translation initiation factor-2 (eIF2), bringing about a decrease in the general rate of protein synthesis but an increase in the synthesis of GCN4, a transcription(More)
Lysine acetylation is a reversible post-translational modification (PTM) which has been linked to many biological and pathological implications. Hence, localization of lysine acetylation is essential for deciphering the mechanism of such implications. Whereas many acetylated lysines in human proteins have been localized through experimental approaches in(More)
UNLABELLED Human beclin 1 is the first identified mammalian gene to induce autophagy. It is commonly expressed at reduced levels in breast tumors; however, it is overexpressed in hepatitis B virus (HBV)-infected cancerous liver tissues. To expose the possible mechanism and biological significance of this up-regulation of beclin 1, we investigated the(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulated evidence proves that mature spermatozoa contain a complex yet specific array of mRNA, which could provide information on the past events of spermatogenesis. OBJECTIVE To quantitatively microdissect these mRNA transcripts by a digital approach. METHODS Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) was used to study the mRNA transcripts(More)
Obesity is associated with a state of chronic low-grade inflammation, which contributes to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. However, the molecular mechanisms that link obesity to inflammation are not fully understood. Follistatin-like 1 (FSTL1) is a novel proinflammatory cytokine that is expressed in adipose tissue and secreted by(More)