Yifei Sun

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Keywords: Foreign investment Production networks Embeddedness Regional development China a b s t r a c t This paper analyzes the nature of FDI local networks in production and R&D activities in China and discusses their implications for technological dynamism and regional development. We investigate foreign ventures (or foreign-invested enterprises, FIEs)(More)
Food allergy (FA) affects 2%-10% of US children and is a growing clinical and public health problem. Here we conduct the first genome-wide association study of well-defined FA, including specific subtypes (peanut, milk and egg) in 2,759 US participants (1,315 children and 1,444 parents) from the Chicago Food Allergy Study, and identify peanut allergy(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the performance of structurally reinforced, stabilized recombinant human collagen-phosphorylcholine (RHCIII-MPC) hydrogels as corneal substitutes in a rabbit model of severe corneal damage. METHODS One eye each of 12 rabbits received a deep corneal alkali wound. Four corneas were implanted with RHCIII-MPC hydrogels. The other eight(More)
and supplier innovativeness in a developing economy: evidence from China's information and communication technology industry, Regional Studies. This study critically evaluates the relevance of the global value chains theory against the actual practices of subcontracting and technological innovation in China based on a large-scale empirical firm survey in(More)
This study critically examines the relevance of the perceived notions of localised production linkages, knowledge spillover and external technology transfer to the experiences of the growth of the ICT industry in China. The research is based on a major firm-level survey conducted in China's three most important mega urban regions—Beijing, Shanghai-Suzhou(More)