Yifei Jin

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Micro bearing systems for Micro Electrome-chanical Systems (MEMS) have drawn attention for several decades as critical components for micro rotating machinery. Ideally, frictionless bearings are needed, and in practice, micro gas bearings approach the ideal. Typically, bearings function as a separate component, assembled onto sliding counterparts. However,(More)
A micro corona motor was fabricated using a membraneless built-on X-ray mask. Sharp stator electrodes of this motor ionize air molecules and ionized charges transfer onto the rotor surface, resulting in rotating rotor motions by Coulomb forces. For good performance , the stator's electrodes should be wide (axial) and have sharp tips. Therefore, X-ray(More)
  • J Kim, P Ajmera, J Goettert, Y Jin, K.-N Kang, Master Thesis
  • 2012
As part of the Post-Katrina project, a multi-fluidic speed-modulating (MFSM) micropump module combined with Tesla valves and hydrodynamic focusing micro-fluidic channels was designed, fabricated, and tested to help regulating sample flow across the nanowire-seeded sensor areas embedded in microfluidic channels. The size of the entire module is 33 mm x 25 mm(More)
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