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We are given a set of weighted unit disks and a set of points in Euclidean plane. The minimum weight unit disk cover (WUDC) problem asks for a subset of disks of minimum total weight that covers all given points. WUDC is one of the geometric set cover problems, which have been studied extensively for the past two decades (for many different geometric range(More)
It is a long standing open problem whether Yao-Yao graphs YY k are all spanners. Bauer and Damian [4] showed that all YY 6k for k ≥ 6 are spanners. Li and Zhan [21] generalized their result and proved that all even Yao-Yao graphs YY 2k are spanners (for k ≥ 42). However, their technique cannot be extended to odd Yao-Yao graphs, and whether they are spanners(More)
It is known that certain structures of the signal in addition to the standard notion of sparsity (called structured sparsity) can improve the sample complexity in several compressive sensing applications. Recently, Hegde et al. [17] proposed a framework, called approximation-tolerant model-based compressive sensing, for recovering signals with structured(More)
The uniformity of polymer melt flow in micro extrusion die determines the quality of products directly. It is the base of extrusion die design. According to rheology testing theory and with the help of capillary rheometer, the reasonable extrusion parameters have been achieved. The comparative micro scale viscosity model is built based on Kelvin-Voigt(More)
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