Yifei Huang

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PURPOSE To map the collagen orientation and relative distribution of collagen fibrillar mass in keratoconus corneal buttons. METHODS Structural analysis was performed by obtaining synchrotron x-ray scattering patterns across the samples at 0.25-mm intervals. The patterns were analyzed to produce two-dimensional maps of the orientation of the lamellae and(More)
Firing activity from neural ensembles in rat hippocampus has been previously used to determine an animal's position in an open environment and separately to predict future behavioral decisions. However, a unified statistical procedure to combine information about position and behavior in environments with complex topological features from ensemble(More)
BACKGROUND inhibition of L-type Ca(2+) current contributes to negative inotropy of β(3) adrenergic receptor (β(3) AR) activation, but effects on other determinants of excitation-contraction coupling are not known. Of these, the Na(+)-K(+) pump is of particular interest because of adverse effects attributed to high cardiac myocyte Na(+) levels and(More)
—We report a process for top-gate amorphous silicon thin-film transistors (α-Si TFTs) that employs a self-aligned metal silicide for source and drain (S/D). All process steps, including deposition of active layers and formation of metal silicide, are accomplished at temperatures that are less than or equal to 280 • C. The thermal budget is compatible with(More)
Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is a promising technology for extending the Internet access to wider areas with high bandwidth. Cooperative caching is especially desirable for multi-hop wireless networks, including WMNs, to achieve efficient data access. Although quite a number of works have been done on data cooperative caching in wireless networks,(More)
The overlap between the source/drain (S/D) electrode and the gate electrode in conventional bottom-gate amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin-film transistors (TFTs), typically several µm, results in parasitic capacitance that negatively impacts the power and speed performance of a-Si circuits. Devices with S/D self-aligned to the gate do not suffer from this(More)
The recent financial crisis has brought to the forefront renewed concerns about the merit of financial development, especially for the most vulnerable segments of our population. Studies on the relationship between financial development and poverty have been inconclusive. Some claim that, by allowing more entrepreneurs to obtain financing, financial(More)
Existing a-Si floating gate TFT (FG-TFT) nonvolatile memory suffers from two drawbacks: (i) short retention time [1] and (ii) strong dependence of drain saturation current (In , sAT) on drain voltage [2]. In this study, we present (i) a new device structure that eliminates In , sAT dependence on drain voltage; (ii) room­ temperature retention time of> 1 0(More)