Yifei Huang

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Firing activity from neural ensembles in rat hippocampus has been previously used to determine an animal's position in an open environment and separately to predict future behavioral decisions. However, a unified statistical procedure to combine information about position and behavior in environments with complex topological features from ensemble(More)
OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free, open-source and popular mapping service. However, due to various reasons, it doesn't offer live traffic information or traffic prediction for China. This paper presents an approach and a system to learn a prediction model from graphical traffic condition data provided by Baidu Map, which is a commercial, close-source map(More)
This paper proposes a centralized decision making framework at the macro base station (MBS) for device to device (D2D) communication underlaying a two-tier cellular network. We consider a D2D pair in the presence of an MBS and a femto access point, each serving a user, with quality of service constraints for all users. Our proposed solution encompasses mode(More)
—Heterogeneous networks are a crucial paradigm that will allow future mobile networks to meet growing wireless traffic demands. An important issue in heterogeneous networks is the crosstier interference between femtocells and macrocells. In this paper, we show that a generalized inverse precoder at the macro base station can null interference to offloaded(More)