Yifat Segal-Hayoun

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The activity of background K(2P) channels adjusts the resting membrane potential to enable plasticity of excitable cells. Here we have studied the regulation of neuronal K(2P)2.1 (KCNK2, TREK-1) channel activity by resting membrane potential. When heterologously expressed, K(2P)2.1 currents gradually increased at hyperpolarizing potentials and declined at(More)
Pain is a physiological state promoting protective responses to harmful episodes. However, pain can become pathophysiological and become a chronic disruptive condition, damaging quality of life. The mammalian K(2P)2.1 (KCNK2, TREK-1) channel, expressed in sensory neurons of the dorsal root ganglia, was previously identified as a polymodal molecular sensor(More)
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