Yifan Ma

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Smart nanoparticles (NPs) that respond to external and internal stimulations have been developing to achieve optimal drug release in tumour. However, applying these smart NPs to attain high antitumour performance is hampered by limited drug carriers and inefficient spatiotemporal control. Here we report a noninvasive NIR-driven, temperature-sensitive DI-TSL(More)
Nanoprobes with enzyme-like properties attracted a growing interest in early screening and diagnosis of cancer. To achieve high accuracy and specificity of tumor detection, the design and preparation of enzyme mimetic nanoprobes with high enzyme activity, tumor targeting and excellent luminescence property is highly desirable. Herein, we described a novel(More)
Numb is an endocytic protein that plays crucial roles in diverse cellular processes such as asymmetric cell division, cell migration and differentiation. However, the molecular mechanism by which Numb regulates endocytic trafficking is poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that Numb is a docking regulator for homotypic fusion of early endosomes (EEs).(More)
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