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Due to the advances in positioning technologies, the real time information of moving objects becomes increasingly available, which has posed new challenges to the database research. As a long-standing technique to identify overall distribution patterns in data, clustering has achieved brilliant successes in analyzing static datasets. In this paper, we study(More)
We present a visualization design to enhance the ability of an administrator to detect and investigate anomalous traffic between a local network and external domains. Central to the design is a parallel axes view which displays NetFlow records as links between two machines or domains while employing a variety of visual cues to assist the user. We describe(More)
Those creating NetFlow tools struggle with two problems: (1) NetFlows come in many different, incompatible formats, and (2) the sensitivity of Net-Flow logs can hinder the sharing of these logs and thus make it difficult for developers—particularly student research assistants—to get real data to use. Our solution is a new tool we created that converts and(More)
The authors have begun to address the problem of anonymized data with the development of a new prototype tool CANINE: Converter and ANonymizer for Investigating Netflow Events. Originally, just a NetFlow converter, CANINE has been adapted to anonymize 8 of the most common fields found in all NetFlow formats. Most of these fields can be anonymized in(More)
BACKGROUND Genome-wide association studies have not revealed any risk-conferring common genetic variants in Tourette syndrome (TS), requiring the adoption of alternative approaches to investigate the pathophysiology of this disorder. METHODS We obtained the basal ganglia transcriptome by RNA sequencing in the caudate and putamen of nine TS and nine(More)
BACKGROUND Riboflavin (vitamin B2), the precursor of the flavin cofactors flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), is used commercially as an animal feed supplement and food colorant. E. coli is a robust host for various genetic manipulations and has been employed for efficient production of biofuels, polymers, amino acids, and(More)
—Cooperative communication has attracted dramatic attention in the last few years due to its advantage in mitigating channel fading. Despite much effort that has been made in theoretical analysis of the performance gain, cooperative relay selection, which is one of the fundamental issues in cooperative communications, is still left as an open problem. In(More)
The site-specific recombinases Cre and Flp can mutate genes in a spatially and temporally restricted manner in mice. Conditional recombination of the tumor suppressor gene p53 using the Cre-loxP system has led to the development of multiple genetically engineered mouse models of human cancer. However, the use of Cre recombinase to initiate tumors in mouse(More)
We present the design and implementation of VisFlow-Connect, a powerful new tool for visualizing network traffic flow dynamics for situational awareness. The visualization capability provided by VisFlowConnect allows an operator to assess the state of a large and complex network given an overall view of the entire network and filter/drill-down features with(More)