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In typical location-based services (LBS), moving objects (e.g., GPS-enabled mobile phones) report their locations through a wireless network. An LBS server can use the location information to answer various types of continuous queries. Due to hardware limitations, location data reported by the moving objects are often uncertain. In this paper, we study(More)
Rapid socioeconomic development in earthquake-prone areas can cause rapid changes in seismic loss risks. These changes make it difficult to ensure that risk reduction strategies are realistic, practical and effective over time. To overcome this difficulty, ongoing changes in risk should be captured timely, definitively, and accurately and then specific and(More)
Titanium (Ti) has been widely used in clinical applications for its excellent biocompatibility and mechanical properties. However, the bioinertness of the surface of Ti has motivated researchers to improve the physicochemical and biological properties of the implants through various surface modifications, such as coatings. For this purpose, we prepared a(More)
Osteoporosis is a progressive systemic skeletal disease, in which the equilibrium of bone resorption and bone formation is disturbed. The drugs for osteoporosis can be divided into two categories according to their predominant effects: antiresorptive drugs and anabolic drugs. Antiresorptive drugs are designed to inhibit bone resorption and anabolic drugs(More)
Osteoporotic patients have a high risk of dental and orthopedic implant failure. Lithium chloride (LiCl) has been reported to enhance bone formation. However, the role of LiCl in the success rate of dental and orthopedic implants in osteoporotic conditions is still unknown. We investigated whether LiCl enhances implant osseointegration, implant fixation,(More)
Skyline query processing has become an important feature in multi-dimensional, data-intensive applications. Such computations are especially challenging under dynamic conditions, when either snapshot queries need to be answered with short user response times or when continuous skyline queries need to be maintained efficiently over a set of objects that are(More)
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