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Room temperature, broadly tunable, electrically pumped semiconductor sources in the terahertz spectral range, similar in operation simplicity to diode lasers, are highly desired for applications. An emerging technology in this area are sources based on intracavity difference-frequency generation in dual-wavelength mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers. Here(More)
Electrically pumped room-temperature semiconductor sources of tunable terahertz radiation in 1-5 THz spectral range are highly desired to enable compact instrumentation for THz sensing and spectroscopy. Quantum cascade lasers with intra-cavity difference-frequency generation are currently the only room-temperature electrically pumped semiconductor sources(More)
We discuss the design and operation of widely-tunable terahertz sources based on Cherenkov intra-cavity difference-frequency generation in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers. Laser chips are integrated into a Littrow-type external cavity system. Devices demonstrate continuous terahertz emission tuning at room temperature with a record tuning range from 1.2(More)
Articles you may be interested in InAs/AlSb widely tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser around 3.2 μm Room temperature single-mode terahertz sources based on intracavity difference-frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers Appl. Terahertz sources based on intracavity frequency mixing in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers with passive(More)
Poor cycling performance arising from the instability of anode is still a main challenge for aqueous rechargeable lithium batteries (ARLB). In the present work, a high performance LiTi2(PO4)3/C composite has been achieved by a novel and facile preparation method associated with an in-situ carbon coating approach. The LiTi2(PO4)3/C nanoparticles show high(More)
Terahertz quantum cascade laser sources based on intra-cavity difference-frequency generation are currently the only room-temperature mass-producible diode-laser-like emitters of coherent 1-6 THz radiation. Device performance has improved dramatically over the past few years to reach milliwatt-level power output and broad tuning from 1.2 to 5.9 THz, all at(More)
We demonstrate monolithic tunable terahertz quantum cascades laser sources with a tuning range over 580 GHz at room temperature by integrating electrically separated distributed feedback section and distributed Bragg reflector section into a single device.
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