Yifan Hong

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We report on dual-channel recording within polarization holography written by orthogonal linear polarization waves. The null reconstruction effect (NRE) of linear polarization holography was experimentally achieved at a large cross-angle of π/2 inside the polarization-sensitive media. Based on the NRE, two polarization encoded holograms were recorded in a(More)
OBJECTIVE Detect the relationship between TPM1 gene mutations and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) of Kazaks and Hans in Xinjiang. METHODS TPM1 gene was screened from 31 family members in a Kazak family with familiar DCM (FDCM), 100 patients with idiopathic DCM (IDCM, 50 Kazaks and 50 Hans), and in 100 healthy controls (50 Kazaks and 50 Hans). All the samples(More)
Glutathione and multidrug resistance protein (MRP) play an important role on the metabolism of a variety of drugs. Bismuth drugs have been used to treat gastrointestinal disorder and Helicobacter pylori infection for decades without exerting acute toxicity. They were found to interact with a wide variety of biomolecules, but the major metabolic pathway(More)
Photoinitiator plays a crucial role on photopolymer. Unlike photoinitiator phenanthrenequinone (PQ), the solubility of Irgacure 784 dissolved in MMA is very high. In this paper, we use Irgacure 784 as photoinitiator doped in poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)to make a bulk photopolymer with high photoinitiator concentration for holographic data storage. The(More)
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