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In this paper, we focus on the personalized response generation for conversational systems. Based on the sequence to sequence learning, especially the encoder-decoder framework, we propose a two-phase approach, namely initialization then adaptation, to model the responding style of human and then generate personalized responses. For evaluation, we propose a(More)
This paper reports a unique approach to integrate the process planning and scheduling functions. The proposed approach here is used to reduce the tardy jobs by exploring the process plan solution space of the selected jobs. The integrated system comprises a process planning module, a scheduling module and an integrator module. The integration is achieved in(More)
In this paper, a hybrid particle swarm optimization (PSO) incorporating local search algorithm is reported to handle the process planning problem. From modeling perspective, the process planning problem is considered as deciding the operation methods, including selection of machine, tool and tool approach direction, and operation sequencing in a concurrent(More)
Elucidation of the metabolic pathways determining pigmentation and their underlying regulatory mechanisms in maize kernels is of high importance in attempts to improve the nutritional composition of our food. In this study, we compared dynamics in the transcriptome and metabolome between colored SW93 and white SW48 by integrating RNA-Seq and non-targeted(More)
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