Yidong Tu

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PURPOSE Here, we examined the development, composition, and structural organization of the ciliary zonule of the mouse. Fibrillin 1, a large glycoprotein enriched in force-bearing tissues, is a prominent constituent of the mouse zonule. In humans, mutations in the gene for fibrillin 1 (FBN1) underlie Marfan syndrome (MS), a disorder characterized by lens(More)
PURPOSE Fibrillin-2 (Fbn2) is the dominant fibrillin isoform expressed during development of the mouse eye. To test its role in morphogenesis, we examined the ocular phenotype of Fbn2(-/-) mice. METHODS Ocular morphology was assessed by confocal microscopy using antibodies against microfibril components. RESULTS Fbn2(-/-) mice had a high incidence of(More)
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