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OBJECTIVE To use proteomic techniques, including two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE), Western blot, and mass spectrometry, to screen and identify proteins that were expressed differently in patients with endometriosis versus normal controls. DESIGN First, we aimed to find a difference in the way serum and eutopic endometrial proteins were expressed in(More)
Use of germ cells as vectors for transgenesis in mammals has been well developed and offers exciting prospects for experimental and applied biology, agricultural and medical sciences. Such approach is referred to as either male germ cell mediated gene transfer (MGCMGT) or female germ cell mediated gene transfer (FGCMGT) technique. Sperm-mediated gene(More)
The aim of the present study was to produce transgenic mice expressing tumor virus A (TVA) in the ovary under ovarian specific promoter 1 (OSP1) control. A transgenic mouse model was established in which TVA, an avian retroviral receptor gene driven by OSP1, was selectively expressed in the ovary. A recombinant plasmid containing TVA cDNA and an OSP1(More)
We previously produced an anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibody, 6B11, which mimics ovarian cancer antigen CA166-9 and induces cellular and humoral immunity. Here, to enhance the immunogenicity of 6B11, we constructed the 6B11ScFv-mIL-12 fusion protein (FP), by fusing single-chain fragment of 6B11 variable region (6B11ScFv) with mouse interleukin-12 (mIL-12),(More)
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