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The production of fuels from sunlight represents one of the main challenges in the development of a sustainable energy system. Hydrogen is the simplest fuel to produce and although platinum and other noble metals are efficient catalysts for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution, earth-abundant alternatives are needed for large-scale use. We show that(More)
The 'windows' or 'doors' on the surface of a closed hollow structure can enable the exchange of material and information between the interior and exterior of one hollow sphere or between two hollow spheres, and this information or material exchange can also be controlled through altering the window' size. Thus, it is very interesting and important to(More)
We report a simple and scalable method for the fabrication of spiral-type chiral plasmonic oligomers based on the stepwise colloid sphere lithography technology. Through carefully adjusting the azimuthal angle Φ of polystyrene (PS) sphere array monolayer and the deposition thickness k n , the chiral plasmonic oligomers composed of four achiral particles can(More)
The search for efficient water oxidation catalysts (WOCs) is of paramount importance in energy and environmental fields, but there exists no good non-noble catalyst that works under acidic and alkaline conditions. Intensive investigations have recently focused on cobalt based complex/solid catalysts. Here, we have introduced a new type of cobalt-based WOC(More)
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