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Impact of Alternate Drought and FloodingStress on Water Use, and Nitrogen and PhosphorusLosses in a Paddy Field
Alternate drought and fl ooding stress has become more prevalent during paddy growth stages as a result of climate change, especially in southern China. This study aims to assess the effect of
[Relationship between accumulation of autotoxins and soil fertility factors under long-term continuous cropping of cucumber in solar greenhouse].
In this study, we investigated the effects of long-term continuous cucumber cropping on phenolic acids in rhizosphere soil, as well as their link to soil chemical characteristics, enzyme activities,
Comprehensive Effect of the Water Table Management on the Surface Water Quality in Paddy Field and the Growth of Rice
By using the test method of the field district, we research and compare the content variation features of the nitrate nitrogen, the ammonia nitrogen on the surface of the water and the growth status