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A correct three-dimensional structure is crucial for the physiological functions of a protein, yet the folding of proteins to acquire native conformation is a fundamentally error-prone process. Eukaryotic organisms have evolved a highly conserved endoplasmic reticulum-mediated protein quality control (ERQC) mechanism to monitor folding processes of(More)
Fibrinogen aggregation is the last step in blood coagulation. Inhibition of fibrinogen aggregation could lead to anticoagulation effects. However, there is no good method for the ready evaluation of fibrinogen coagulation. A commonly used path method is slow and requires an expensive instrument. In this project, we have developed a microplate reader and In(More)
Fibrinogen is essential in the intrinsic and extrinsic blood coagulation process. Inhibition of fibrinogen aggregation could lead to anticoagulation effects. The availability of methods for easy quantitative evaluation of the coagulation process is critical to studying coagulation and its inhibition. A commonly used method is UV–Vis absorbance (405 nm)(More)
BACKGROUND Snail (Oncomelania hupensis) control is an important and effective preventive strategy in schistosomiasis control programs, and screening microbial molluscicidal agents is one of the most promising categories in biomolluscicides. OBJECTIVE To purify and identify the molluscicidal ingredient (MI) obtained from strain SL-30's exocellular broth.(More)
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